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Housing Disrepair Denholme

We are expert housing disrepair solicitors in Denholme helping council and housing associations tenants in their housing disrepair compensation claims on a No-Win No-Fee basis.

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Housing Disrepair Claims Denholme

If you live in Denholme and rent a property from the council or housing association, your landlord is responsible for providing you with a good-condition house that is fit for tenants.

If your landlord fails to maintain the property in the proper manner, and you face housing disrepair issues. These housing disrepair issues affect your health and life, you may able to make a housing disrepair claim against your landlord.

Housing disrepair issues include:

  1. Damp and Mould
  2. Structural Damages
  3. Pest Infestation
  4. Water Leaks
  5. Broken Heating System
  6. Broken Doors &
  7. Windows
  8. Electrical Issues
  9. Broken Sanitary Fixtures

If you want to claim for housing disrepair, contact our expert housing disrepair solicitors Denholme or mail us at info@disrepairsolicitor.co.uk to start your claim.

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You Can Claim Compensation For

Damp and mould compensation

Damp & Mould

water leaks claims

Water leaks

pest infestation claims

Pest Infestation

structural damages

Structural Damages

broken heating system claims

Heating Issues

electric issues claims

Electric Issues

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We are always here to help you, in your housing disrepair compensation claims. Our Housing Disrepair Solicitors guide tenants of Council & Housing Associations that face disrepair issues and causes distress and other health issues.

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